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Santript Mehta

And I love to learn new thing in paractical way. This is me in HTML.😄

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Software Engineer | CGI Info and Management | Sept-23 - Current

  • Developed a groundbreaking application using Python, openxl, and pyqt5 to automate the generation of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) test cases.
  • Achieved a remarkable 96% time savings by streamlining the process of creating test cases for various flows within ALM.
  • Implemented efficient data handling and manipulation using the openxl library to seamlessly integrate test data into the generated test cases.

Mithila Heritage

It is a non-profit organization. And I currently work part-time here as a technical team manager. I have worked on some graphic designing and also developed an Android Application that displays the website content and loads faster inside the application(will be available on Playstore soon..).


SEDS(Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) CUSAT. It's a space club of our college. I am here as a technical member. Contributing in technical-related things like website managing/developing.

Tools that I've Experimented with

Tech Stack that i generally use

Android Studio
CLion / Pycharm
VS Code

Projects That I've Worked On


Kotlin, NewsAPI, Retrofit

The MEME_Android app is a fun project that allows users to easily access and share memes. The app is written in Kotlin and uses the Volley library to make the experience faster and more reliable. With the NEXT and SHARE buttons, users can quickly browse through available memes and share their favorites with friends on social media. Overall, the app is a great way to keep up with the latest memes and share them with others.

LiveMusic Player

Kotlin, Firebase-Firestore, Glid Library, Coroutines, Hilt

A live data music player is similar to Spotify. It reads and syncs the music data from the firebase database. I used Firebase-Firestore to keep data in-sync across client apps through real-time listeners. Used and learned about the MVVM architecture to make the design pattern is assured and covered in unite testing without the interface of other classes. Used and get familiar with the Google-Exoplayer, an application-level media player for android. Although, I get familiar with the Hilt dependencies and Dragger-Hilt dependency injection. Also used the Glide library to wrap the media decoding, memory, and disk caching and resource pooling into a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Notes App

Kotlin, FirebaseAuth, FirebaseDatabase

Notes app is like a simple note app but it stores the data in a firebase database. So, the user data is stored in the firebase database. And obviously, I used FirebaseAuth and google auth to do authentication in the application. So, I learn about the authentication and storing the user information in the firebase and display it after the user authentication.

Auto Youtube Ads Skipper (Chrome Extension)

JSON, JavaScript, HTML

So, this a just an ads skipper. During the youtube ads load time this chrome extension identify the youtube skip button and set it as clickable just as it gets identified by the extension. And it makes auto clickable to skip the ads before they get played.

My Portfolio Website

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Firebase

I made this portfolio to learn and clarify more about CSS and Javascript. This let me understand deeply about the working of Javascript.

For Me, Coding is  

Coding Profile


About Me

Hii there, I am a self-taught passionate programmer, tech student, programming enthusiasm and I love to explore new technologies. I am currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science From Cochin University of Science and Technology. Being a student I always love to know about new and fascinating technology. Also love to read novels, Articles, play Badminton🏸 and explore space science🤔. Except these all also been learning flute😁. Every time I tried to engage in something so that I could enjoy learning. 👉👈🥺

Would you like to listen to my spotify collection ! 😌🎶

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